Yedi Houseware pressure cooker review

I was always sorry and annoyed for making the dinner late than usual. Preparing the full meal was too difficult until I purchased the Yedi electric pressure cooker.

Yes, you can call it a life changer as well as a time saver. Preparing the whole family meal will take less than an hour having a quality electric pressure cooker. Are you already craving for the best Yedi electric pressure cooker? No worries, today I’m going to reveal the best Yedi pressure cooker reviews.

The Best Yedi Electric Pressure Cooker Review

1. Yedi 9-in-1 Total Programmable Pressure Cooker

Best Overall

Yedi 9-in-1 Pressure Cooker

“With 9 cooking functions, 10 safety features, and 15 cooking programs the pressure cooker is the best on today’s list.”

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First, on the list, we have kept a multifunctional pressure cooker manufactured by Yedi. Having a capacity of 6 quarts the cooker is capable of cooking 2 dishes at a time.

Compared with other pressure cookers this one is extraordinary. It allows you to cook custom food. Plus there is also a recipe book for you. However, there are lots of features available. Let’s have a look –

Key Features

• 9 in 1 cooking: Can you imagine – nine appliances in one cooker! Yes, pressure cook, slow cook, steam, sauté, cook rice, eggs, and a lot more you can prepare to have the cooker.

Besides, there are 15 microprocessor instant touch cooking programs available.

• 10 safety features: Yedi prioritizes the safety of the users first and that’s why there are 10 safety features including temperature monitor, safety lid, anti-block shield, smart locking sensor, pressure protection technology, and others.

• LCD panel: Another great thing is the intelligent LCD panel. So you can monitor everything and nothing will be made by just an idea.

• Inner cooking pot: With no chemical coating the inner cooking pot is construed with premium quality food-grade 304 stainless steel.

• Included accessories: With the product, you’ll get a stainless steel inner pot, a tempered glass lid, two egg racks, a recipe book, a rice paddle, a measuring cup, a ladle, and others.

  • Saves both time and energy.
  • Comes with all accessories you need.
  • Extremely easy to use.
  • The cooker isn’t compatible with European 220 plugging.

2. Yedi Tango 2-in-1 Pressure Cooker

Best for Fast Cooking

Yedi Tango 2-in-1 Pressure Cooker

“If you’ve been looking for a fast cooker then I must recommend this product. Built with modern technology the cooker saves both power and time.”

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Everything is modernized nowadays, so why not a pressure cooker? Yedi Pressure Cooker is such an electric pressure cooker that will not only make your life easier and convenient but also be wildly popular for its fantastic features. This good boy became so popular for the impressive price, outstanding healthy hygiene, and versatility of cooking.

With 14 touch control, touch control options make it super easy to cook anything in your busy life. This excellent pressure cooker can air fry, make cakes, saute, slow cook, cook rice or yogurt, and warm up leftover foods. It has a stainless steel construction with different racks and other components.

Key Features

• LCD Screen: On the digital intelligent LCD screen there are options for you to choose from. The icons also represent the cooking progress.

• Inner Cooking Pot: The inner pot is 6qt, made of food-grade stainless steel and it’s mentionable that there is no extra chemical coating. There is marking of measurement for users favor.

• Kitchen Gadgets: 11 amazing kitchen gadgets in this single cooker. In this cooker, you can slow cook, dehydrate, pasteurize, make yogurt or cakes, cook rice, warm foods, steam, or air fry.

• Kits Included: Steaming basket, fry basket, inner cooking pot, egg racks, cooking mitts. A rice paddle, ladle, measuring cup, and also recipe book are included.

• Fast Cooking: Needs less than half the time to cook than other cookers in the market. Saves a lot of time and you can cook rice and meat together!

  • Very convenient and important kitchen gadgets included.
  • Includes recipe books for easy cooking.
  • 100% reliable safety features.
  • A little hard to understand for beginners.

3. Yedi Total Package Electric Pressure Cooker

Best for Healthy Cooking

Yedi Total Package Electric Pressure Cooker

“This cooker is specialized in providing healthy cooking. According to the manufacturers, they can provide 95% less fatty foods.”

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Yedi is a trustworthy brand that relies on houseware products. It can cook healthy in the best way for you. This fully functional air fryer turns your electric pressure cooker into a total package. This fryer is a perfect fit for all 5Qt/6Qt/8Qt/10Qt instant pots.

This air fryer will offer you all the healthy 95% less fat crispy, grilled, fried, or roasted foods. It cooks faster than any oven and serves crispier food than over-grilled food. Plus, an additional advantage is the included recipe book for the inspiration of air-fried foods.

Key Features

• Fitted Pot Sizes: It’s made to fit with all 3Wt, 6Qt, 8Qt, and 10Qt sized pots. It makes your kitchen less cluttered and has functional usage.

• 8-Press Mode: 8 selectable touch smart functions to serve crispy and fried foods. Plus, it has a dehydrated food option.

• Fast Frying: It fries or grills your food faster than any other oven or gas stove. It’s super-efficient and convenient to use.

• Healthy Grilled Food: It fries fast and serves 95% less fat foods for your taste. It tastes far better with a cruncher texture.

• Additional Tools: Frying Basket, heat resistant mat, dehydrating, stainless steel rack, spatula, grilling, and frying.

  • Very easy to use and understand.
  • Fits with almost all sized instant pots.
  • Serves crispier and healthier foods.
  • A little bit expensive if your budget is short.

Buying Guide for the Yedi Electric Pressure Cooker

It’s time to discuss another part – Buyer’s Guide. Here I’m going to explain some facts which must come in aid to help you in choosing the best Yedi electric pressure cooker.

Multifunction Cooker

I must suggest that you choose a multifunctional pressure cooker. You make sure that it has at least 5-15 functions including all daily cooking functions.

Time and Power Saving

The next thing you need to analyze is the overall time consumption and power consumption. Make sure to choose one which consumes less power and takes less time for cooking.

Inner Pot Size

Another important thing about a pressure cooker is the inner pot. It must be durable and secure and make sure to choose one which can hold a good amount of food.

Additional kits

You already have to pay a big amount and again if you have to buy the additional tools then it must be an expensive one for your wallet.

So choose a cooker that comes with all the additional tools you need such as a safety lid, inner pot, egg rack, rack paddle, lid, measuring cup, and others.

How to Use Yedi Pressure Cooker?

Using a Yedi pressure cooker is super easy. As most of them come with a digital LCD touch display you can get every function Infront of your eyes. Besides you can see the last function you have used.

Also, take the help of the yedi pressure cooker manual. There will be a complete guide. However, little instructions for you

  • Set it to electricity.
  • Place the inner pot and the lid.
  • Push the handle down.
  • Set the temperature and program.

The Verdict

The main purpose of the article is to reveal the best Yedi houseware pressure cooker reviews. I have experience with a few Yedi pressure cookers but I found 3 of them the best.

I have already discussed them in detail with proper features. However, if you want one certain recommendation then I would love to suggest Yedi 9-in-1 pressure cooker.

That’s all for today. Wish you luck in getting the best pressure cooker.

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