IMUSA Rice Cooker Review: Everything You Need to Know

There aren’t too many budget-friendly rice cookers that come with features to enhance the cooking experience.

If you have got the suggestion of Imusa rice cooker, and thinking about getting one of their budget-friendly units, make sure you know pretty much everything that these cookers come with, including the limitations.

In this IMUSA rice cooker review, we’re going to cover all about the GAU-00011 and GAU-00023, which are the two most popular and widely sold rice cooker units.

We made our decision based on how fast these cookers cook rice, max capacity, versatility, quality of the materials used, and features that enhance the overall cooking experience.

IMUSA Rice Cooker Reviews

Both GAU-00011 and GAU-00023 are notable creations of IMUSA. But, in this IMUSA pot review, we’ve found one of them to be slightly more prominent than the other.

The GAU-00011 performs amazingly for its simple control and compact design. But, the GAU-00023 will be a bit ahead in the race due to its versatile use and sturdy build quality.

However, it doesn’t mean that the GAU-00011 doesn’t come with its perks. Both of them are winners in their own set of features. Let’s find out more!

1. IMUSA Electric Nonstick Rice Cooker

Our Best Pick


This 3-cup rice cooker is ideal for people who lead hectic lives. You can prepare your favorite rice meals, vegetables, oatmeal, and more with the IMUSA rice and multifunctional cooking pot. Because of its modest size and functionality, you’ll appreciate the convenience.

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> Keep Warm Mode

Just like every other rice cooking pot, it comes with a ‘Keep Warm’ mode. This option will keep your rice warm for a few hours at a serving temperature.

If you’re going to use the warm mode for a long time, we recommend adding some olive oil to the bottom. It won’t let the rice stick to the cooker. You can also use some extra water if olive oil is something you don’t like or have.

> Energy Efficient Auto Shut Down Feature

Just turn it on, and your food will be done in no time. The device will shut itself off once your food is done. The GAU-00011 cooks rice faster while being a super energy-efficient appliance.

It’s primarily used to cook rice, but you can also use it to make great soup.

> Sleek Design and Affordable Price

Its sleek form makes it a great addition to any kitchen. The device comes with a low price tag, and because of its small size, it’s ideal for small households. You’ll find no trouble cleaning the pot as it’s made of nonstick material.

> 6-cup of Cooked Rice

The device can hold 3 cups of uncooked rice and can produce 6 cups of properly cooked rice, making it ideal for a small family of 2-3 people.

> Additional Accessories

You’ll get a spoon for serving and a cup for measuring with this package. The lid is made of tempered glass, which comes with an air vent.

Overall, it’s an attractive, robust, and easy-to-use rice cooking pot for a very low price.

  • The top part is made of high-quality tempered glass
  • Energy-efficient cooking with auto shut-off feature
  • Smart Keep Warm mode keeps rice warm for hours
  • Strong build quality withstands falls and abuses
  • Can’t make enough rice for a full meal of more than 3 people

2. IMUSA Electric Rice Cooker with Steam Tray

Best Overall


Suppose you struggle to make precisely cooked and tasty rice. This cooker can cook vegetables, rice, oats, meats, and several other favorite dishes.

Its easy-to-use control feature is perfect for using it in a hurry to make breakfast, lunch, or dinner. As it takes little time to prepare food, the pot will save a lot of energy.

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> Removable Steam Tray and Nonstick Inner Pot

Unlike the IMUSA GAU-00011, the GAU-00023 includes a steam tray. The tray is removable and made of aluminum. You can use it for steaming poultry, vegetables, and other side dishes while rice is being cooked simultaneously.

The inner pot is made of nonstick material, which will prevent rice and other meals from burning and sticking to the bottom.

You can easily detach the inner pot and wash it after cooking. As the inner bowl is made of nonstick material, cleaning it will feel like a breeze.

> Stainless Steel Build

Another notable feature of the GAU-00023 is its stainless steel build quality. It makes the pot durable and easy to clean. The top of the pot comes with a glass lid, which will let you see the cooked item inside.

You can monitor the cooking progress and turn it off when the food is cooked correctly.

The GAU-00023 eventually beats the GAU-00011 with its better build quality.

> Keep Warm Mode

Like the other model, the rice cooker automatically switches to Keep Warm mode once the food is done. You can turn it on and leave it for hours. After getting home, you will still have warm rice ready for serving.

> 20-cup Cooked Rice

The device can hold 10-cup uncooked rice and 20-cup cooked rice. You can easily cook food for 10-12 people at once in it.

So, the cooking capacity of this cooker is way more than its little brother. If you have a large family, don’t hesitate to buy it.

Although it costs a bit more, the features compensate well enough for the extra money.

  • Sturdy stainless steel construction
  • Glass lid and nonstick inner bowl made of durable materials
  • Automatic Keep Warm mode to keep the food fresh and warm longer
  • Can cook multiple ethnic dishes at the same time
  • Ideal for a large family of 10 people
  • A bit pricy

How to Use IMUSA Rice Cooker

After the in-depth IMUSA reviews, let’s discuss a bit about how you can use your IMUSA rice cooker if this is the first rice cooker you are getting.

  • To cook in your IMUSA device, take the amount of rice you need measuring with the cup.
  • Rinse it properly, and put it in the pot.
  • Take water with the measuring cup, and add it to the rice.
  • Turn the cooker on after you put the lid. And, your food will be prepared in minutes!

What to Remember While Using IMUSA Rice Cooker

  • Never keep the pot near water while cooking in it. Even the power cord shouldn’t be close to any water source.
  • Make sure that the device is unplugged when you’re not using it.
  • Most of the rice cooking pots are not dishwasher-safe, nor are IMUSA rice cookers.
  • These cooking pots are extremely easy to clean. But, don’t use any abrasive material to scrap it. Just wiping it with a damp cloth is enough to clean it.


As we’ve come to an end to our IMUSA rice cooker review, you should have a preference among the two options by now.

If you need something affordable, and you don’t need to prepare a lot of food at once, then the GAU-00011 is the suitable option for you.

On the other hand, if you’ve got a large family and want a sturdy and durable cooking pot, you should go for the GAU-00023.

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