How to reheat brisket

How to Reheat Brisket in Slow Cooker, Oven, and Other Methods?


As one of the most delicious and protein-rich cuts of meat, the brisket requires a high level of preparation. Hence, if you are a starter, then you might need to devote a lot of your time for cooking it. Furthermore, when you are cooking the brisket leftovers, you would have to maintain the same level of attention and care. If you do not follow the proper methods of cookery carefully, then it will be almost impossible for you to make it tasty and flavorsome.
So, now, you might be wondering about how to reheat brisket in an appropriate manner? Don’t worry. We are here to help you with everything that you need to know in this aspect. But, here is the kicker. We will be covering almost every method of reheating brisket here. Hence, to know everything, you would have to go through it as meticulously as possible.
So, are you ready? Then, let’s get started with it.

How to Reheat Brisket in a Microwave or Oven?

How to Reheat Brisket in Slow Cooker, Oven, and Other Methods? 1How to Reheat Brisket in Slow Cooker, Oven, and Other Methods? 2

Best Microwave For Brisket

Many people tend to freeze the brisket first and then opt for slicing it. So, if you are thinking about following the same method, then using an oven or a microwave can be the best idea for you. With these options, you will be able to cook your food quite swiftly and conveniently. But, how would you do the task of reheating brisket in the oven? Let’s check it out together.
You can reheat a piece of brisket just by following a few easy steps. Firstly, you will need to preheat your microwave or oven to at least 300 to 330 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the preheating session is done, then you would have to bring out your defrosted brisket and place it on a large baking tray.
But, why would you really require a bigger baking tray anyway? Because, after that, you will need to pour some cooking juice on it and make sure that it does not fall outside. So, once you are done with this task, then you would simply have to cover the piece of meat in a foil paper and put it into your oven.
But, here is the deal. While wrapping the meat in foil paper, you would have to make sure that it does not have any holes in it. If there are cracks or tears in it, then it can dry out the brisket completely. So, to avoid the issues of gaps and holes, you can add two or three layers of foil on the meat.
Yet, if you do not have any cooking juices or have run out off of them, then what would you do? In that case, you can add a small amount of apple cider vinegar in your brisket. Furthermore, if you want to, then you can also mix barbecue sauce and apple juice, and pour the end result on the meat.
On average, it would require around an hour to 75 minutes for the brisket to get reheated and cooked correctly. Furthermore, you would also not be able to bring out the meat until the internal temperature of the oven reaches 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Hence, make sure to plan everything out in well advance. Otherwise, you might have to deal with a hunger-related shock.

Reheating the Brisket by Employing Sous Vide Technique

So, have you understood how to reheat brisket in oven? Then, let’s move on to the next method, which is by using the sous vide technique. As you can understand from its name, the sous vide cooking style belongs to the rich cooking methods of France. So, if you can properly use this technique, then you would surely be able to sense the delicious French flair in your cooking.
Anyway, as the name is still quite uncommon in the mainstream world of cooking, many people tend to fret when they hear about it. But, there is actually nothing to be afraid of. Once you learn the basics of it, everything will start to get better from there. So, are you feeling excited about learning how to reheat with sous vide? Then, let’s find out about it together!
To use the sous vide cooking technique properly, you would have to, first, start heating a small amount of water up to 125 to 175 degrees Fahrenheit. While the water is heating up, you can begin wrapping the leftover brisket in water and air-tight plastic wrapper. Make sure to wrap it as tightly as possible. After that, leave the piece of meat in the heated water for some time.
Sous vide technique is widely considered to be one of the best methods of reheating brisket. With this, you would not have to worry about the meat looking feathery and getting dried. Anyway, you would require the right tools and pieces of equipment to cook your meat by using this method.
Moreover, this process can be quite a time consuming too. With sous vide, brisket with a thickness of 4 inches would require at least five hours to get fully cooked. So, make sure to keep these factors in mind if you really want to use this method.

Using a Smoker for the Brisket Reheating Purpose

The smoker is yet another cooking tool that can do wonders with a piece of brisket.Yet, if you do know a little bit about cooking, then you probably already have understood that a smoker works almost in the same way as a microwave. However, we have to admit that it does take a small amount of extra time than an oven.
So, are you thinking about learning how to reheat smoked brisket? Then, here is what you should do to employ this method correctly. Firstly, you would have to start heating the grill of the smoker. Make sure to keep increasing the heat until it reaches a temperature of at least 230 degrees Fahrenheit. After that, start reheating the 2-zone cooking setup of the smoker. You would have to do all of your cooking tasks in this section, so make sure to be careful with every step.
After that, you would have to wrap the brisket with a plastic foil, just like you did while cooking with the oven. Make sure to do the wrapping task as thoroughly as possible. If the wrapper has holes in it, then the brisket might get dried. Anyways, once you are done with wrapping, then you can place the meat in the indirect zone.
Then again, all you would have to do is to wait until the temperature of the meat reaches 155 degrees Fahrenheit. Now, once it reaches the required temperature, then you can bring it out and remove its foil carefully. Thereupon, take the brisket over the direct zone and finish with your cooking there.
Anyway, make sure to be as cautious as possible while cooking. If the temperature is too high, then the piece of meat might get burnt. To be on the safe side, you can set the heat button to medium. It will enable you to reheat the meat in a proper and risk-free manner.

Reheating Brisket on a Crockpot or Slow Cooker

How to Reheat Brisket in Slow Cooker, Oven, and Other Methods? 3How to Reheat Brisket in Slow Cooker, Oven, and Other Methods? 4

Slow Cooker For Brisket

So, have you learned about how to reheat a whole smoked brisket? Then, let’s learn about the next method of reheating brisket, which you can do by using a slow cooker. When talking about reheating a meat leftover, most people consider a slow cooker to be the best option. It is a lot quicker than other methods. Furthermore, it is also quite safe and secure. Moreover, with it, you can distribute the heat equally on the brisket, which is highly required for proper cooking.
Anyway, the only issue with it is that the slow cookers generally come with a smaller size. Therefore, they usually cannot contain a brisket with a standard size appropriately. But, you can solve this issue by cutting off the meat in small slices. It can also help to reduce the overall time of cooking/reheating, which is yet another excellent benefit of it. So, are you curious about how to reheat brisket in slow cooker? Then, here is what you should do about it.
To reheat your leftover brisket in a Crockpot, you would, first, have to keep it in the middle of the ceramic container. If the size of the meat is somewhat large, then slicing it up can be an outstanding idea for you. After that, you will have to pour the cooking juice on the meat in a proper manner.
Then, all you need to do is to set the temperature between 175 degrees Fahrenheit to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, and you are good to go. However, make sure to cook or reheat the meat for at least four hours on the slow cooker. Nevertheless, if you want to, then you can also bring out the meat from the container if the temperature reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit.
There is yet another benefit of cooking in a Crockpot. With it, you will also have control over the temperature. Therefore, you can increase or decrease it whenever required. It can help to reduce the risk of the brisket getting dried or burnt. Furthermore, they also come with airtight lids, which can help to lock the moisture inside the container. It can aid you in appropriately boiling the meat.

Reheating Brisket Leftovers by Using Steam

How to Reheat Brisket in Slow Cooker, Oven, and Other Methods? 5How to Reheat Brisket in Slow Cooker, Oven, and Other Methods? 6

Steam Table Pan For Brisket

The actual difficulty of choosing how to reheat brisket generally lies in retaining the super-valuable moisture in it. Without a proper amount of moisture, the piece of meat will get dried quite quickly, which might, further, lead to burning issues. Moreover, it will also lose protein, which is actually quite beneficial for your body.
Therefore, if you want to keep the moisture in the food intact, then you can opt for the steaming method. It is one of the most straightforward techniques of brisket reheating that we have talked about till now. To steam the piece of brisket, you would have to place it in the middle of a metal strainer or vegetable steamer. After that, you can simply put the container above a jar of boiling water and start biding your time.
The boiling water would begin increasing the temperature of the pot gradually without eliminating the moisture from it. Furthermore, it might also add some additional moisture in the meat, which will improve both its appearance and flavor. However, unlike a few other methods, it does require a hefty amount of time to cook the piece of meat properly. So, make sure to keep that in mind before opting for this cooking/reheating technique.

How to Reheat Brisket by Boiling?

If you have a metal strainer, then you can cook the brisket leftovers without any issue. However, if you do not have them, then what would you do? The dilemma of how to reheat brisket can be quite exaggerated sometimes, especially in these cases. But, if you opt for the boiling process, then you would inevitably not face any trouble at all.
For employing the boiling method, all you would have to do is to seal the meat in a plastic food bag and keep it in boiling water for 4 to 5 hours. Make sure to keep boiling it until the temperature reaches 180 degrees Fahrenheit. After that, bring out the baggage from the container and serve it as immediately as possible. Otherwise, its flavor and taste might get affected.
Boiling the brisket and using the sous vide technique is quite similar. However, with the latter, you would require some specific tools while, with the former, you will not have to use almost anything at all. So, if you want to cook your brisket in the cheapest yet effective way, then make sure to opt for the boiling method.


So, these are a few of the methods that can help you to cook your brisket leftover and make it even tastier than before. However, among them, we, personally, consider using a slow cooker to be the best way to reheat brisket. Although it is somewhat time-consuming, it can efficiently keep the meat well-moisturized and flavorsome. Hence, with this method, you will be able to make your brisket leftover even more savory and lip-smacking without putting much effort into it.

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