How Long to Cook Pot Roast in Slow Cooker

We all are familiar with slow cookers, and recently people tended to cook roasts using the slow cooker. I have also tried, and honestly, it brings a different taste level if you can cook perfectly using the right ingredients and at the right time. People learn from mistakes, so do I. At first, I didn’t know the proper time to cook. So,  a few times I got disappointed when I served undercooked or overcooked food. So, I analyzed the time and found an ideal answer to the query – how long to cook pot roast in slow cooker?

The normal answer is there is no particular time. But I have 2 answers; it is around 8 to 10 or 4 to 6 hours. However, I have mentioned two different types. The main reason is the temperature. In this content, I will explain the facts in detail. Besides, you will also learn the proper way to cook a pot grill in a slow cooker. So, further prolonging, let’s learn how long does it take to cook a pot roast in a slow cooker?

How Long to Cook a Pot Roast in a SLOW Cooker?

You have already got the hint; there are 2 times considering the High and low temperature. Here I will explain it.

>On High-Temperature Mode

When you’re cooking on high, it will take around 4-6 hours. Most probably, it will take around 4-4.5 hours. However, here you have to keep an eye to understand the exact time. A meat thermometer can be more helpful to acquire the ideal temperature and set up the decision.

During high cooking, I would prefer to check it quite often. Because there is a higher risk of facing overcooked food, so always keep your eyes open.

>On Low-Temperature Mode

If you have plenty of time, then I would suggest cooking on low. Especially when it is Sunday night dinner, then there will be no problem, I guess. However, low cooking takes almost double the time of high cooking. It will take around 8-10 hours to prepare it perfectly.

Just as I have mentioned before, keep your eyes on guard after passing 7 hours. And better get a meat thermometer to determine the ideal time. 

How to Determine the Exact Time?

So, maybe you are now thinking, how to determine the exact time. I haven’t mentioned any fixed time. It’s 4-6 or 6-8. But how can you determine 4 or 5 or 6 hours? To teach this fact, I have covered this segment.

Here the main strategy is to observe the meat temperature. Use a meat thermometer and keep measuring its temperature. When you get 170° internally, set the alarm for 1 hour. 

So, if the meat reaches 170 degrees temp at the 4th hour, cook it for 5 hours. 

Follow the same strategy for both high and low cooking. 

How to Cook Pot Roast on a Slow Cooker?

Here is my way of cooking the pot roast on a Slow Cooker. It’s not any exact cooking method, but it is the overall formula. So, you can follow any type of recipe you want following this method of cooking.

  • First, I season the beef roast using pepper, salt and dredge them in the all-purpose flour.
  • Next, put butter on a non-stick skillet and sear the beef on every side. (For 4 minutes)
  • Now use other ingredients like potatoes, carrots, onions, and others, and then place the roast.
  • Now follow the specific recipe on the instruction or recipe paper or your own. And then cover the pot and cook everything for 4-8 hours on high or 8-10 hours on low.
  • Finally, when it is done, discard and remove the loose herbs. Tear or slice it and decorate it in your own way and serve it with vegetables and gravy.

The Verdict

So, I think now you are clear, how long to cook pot roast in slow cooker? Once again, it’s 4-6 (High) or 8-10 (low) hours. However, a little warning for you. If you are cooking in an older model, then the time may take a little extra. So, following my way, you can determine it more accurately. Hopefully, next time you are going to serve a better-cooked roast.

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