Best Electric Pressure Cookers for Canning

Best Electric Pressure Cooker for Canning in 2021

Canning is one of the most popular methods for preserving food for future use. What exactly is canning, you ask? Canning is the preservation of food in jars. Food is stored in a container or jar and heated until it reaches a temperature that kills any germs present.

But, how to can food and can you use an electric pressure cooker for canning? Yes, you can!

Canning can be done in an electric pressure cooker. But, you need the best electric pressure cooker for canning available in the market to execute this method properly.

With the aid of this procedure, food does not deteriorate easily and may be preserved for a longer period of time. Food with a high acidity value can survive up to a year and a half. Food that is less acidic in nature, on the other hand, may keep for over five years if properly canned.

Today, we’re here with the best electric pressure cooker canner reviews for helping you choose the finest electric pressure cooker for canning!

Instant Pot Max 6 Quart

Best Electric Pressure Cooker for Canning in 2021 1Best Electric Pressure Cookers for Canning

Key Features:
Stainless steel material
1-touch control
Requires 1100W electricity
Dishwasher-safe and sturdy build quality
Auto-sealing feature for the lid

The Instant Pot Max sets a new standard for electric pressure cookers, reaching a whopping 15 PSI.

Not only is this electric pressure cooker perfect for canning, it’s versatile, simple, convenient, and quick. It’s a complete home canning solution, and much more.

This 6-quart Instant Pot Max electric pressure cooker is filled with features like an automated steam release valve that we haven’t seen on previous models. The Max’s touchscreen makes it simple to operate, and the countertop addition does a good job of cooking rice and chili.

The dial and touchscreen display both add to the appearance, while the Max’s range of cooking options makes it appear more high-tech. There are choices for customizing your system settings on the upper section of the display panel.

Aside from the display, the Max’s capacity to achieve 15 psi on max pressure levels sets it apart from other Instant Pots. As the Max can span the whole temperature range, it can perform almost any function.

There’s also a function called NutriBoost that adds movement to meals like soup and rice as they’re cooking. As it serves as a type of auto-stirring function, this feature improves flavor and texture. It also has additional safety features than previous models of Instant Pot.

  • User-friendly design
  • More cooking settings than other cookers
  • Classy design and perfect for kitchen and dining room
  • Comes with a durable steam rack
  • Silicon mitts for safer handling
  • The lid gets difficult to close with use
  • Should have taken less time to reach max pressure mode

MOOSOO Electric Pressure Cooker

Best Electric Pressure Cooker for Canning in 2021 2Best Electric Pressure Cookers for Canning

Key Features:
Comes with 1-touch cooking option
Stainless steel material
15 different cooking options
Large control panel
Requires 1000W power

MOSOO electric pressure cooker will serve you as 10 different kitchenware. This cooker can cook almost everything with its 15 cooking settings. You can adjust the level of pressure, delay time, and temperature in this electric pressure cooker.

When compared to the traditional pressure cookers, the cooking speed is improved by 70% in MOOSOO electric pressure cooker. It uses 1000W electricity and comes with a stainless steel liner with a convection angle design.

This excellent electric pressure cooker for canning has a big LCD control panel. MOSOO is committed to creating high-quality, low-cost goods. The smart timer feature allows you to set the delay time to 24 hours, and the cooker will have everything prepared for you!

The cooker doesn’t have any coating of harmful chemicals. It comes with an inner pot of stainless steel that helps to keep the flavor and taste just as you want! For canning meat in electric pressure cooker, you need something efficient and worthy of providing the maximum pressure. MOOSOO will definitely meet your such needs.

The compact design will save you a lot of space and quite helpful if you’re looking for something compact but rich with features. The pressure release button will ensure releasing the steam fast enough. Overall, the MOOSOO electric pressure cooker is just what you need for canning!

  • Comes with safety mechanism
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Comes with high-quality accessories
  • 24-hour delay time
  • Durability could be improved
  • Design is a bit typical

ICOOKPOT Electric Pressure Cooker

Best Electric Pressure Cooker for Canning in 2021 3Best Electric Pressure Cookers for Canning

Key Features:
Works as rice cooker and steamer
Can be controlled through push buttons
Control panel is easy to understand
Comes with safety valve that lets the steam go out

The ICOOKPOT electric pressure cooker is one of the most affordable priced cookers that thrive with a lot of features. Canning in an electric pressure cooker is easy if you have the right device.

The cooker comes with a full package of 9 appliances that doesn’t only speed up the cooking, but also helps to perform canning. It comes with a lot of essential programs like keeping warm, steaming/cooking fish, lentils/beans, risotto/rice, stew/soup, etc.

The control panel of the electric pressure cooker is easy and comes with digital buttons. Also, its advanced cooking technology reduces cooking time thus giving more chances to cook other items as well.

This ICOOKPOT electric pressure cooker has 24-hour delay time. Which means, if you’re too busy in the morning and don’t have enough time to cook after you come back home, the ICOOKPOT will keep your food fresh.

The electric pressure cooker comes with a measuring cup, inner pot made of stainless steel, food chopper, spoon for rice and soup, and everything else that anyone would need.

  • Inner pot is made of non-stick material
  • Made of high-quality stainless steel
  • Requires 70% less time than conventional cooking
  • Comes with all the necessary accessories
  • The lid doesn’t come with any protective layer
  • Compromising a bit with sturdy build

How to Choose the Best Electric Pressure Cooker for Canning?

Before purchasing an electric pressure cooker canner, you have to consider some factors that play major roles. Let’s explore some of the crucial factors among them.


Your pressure cooker’s capacity is generally expressed in quarts. It’s also worth mentioning that canning is done using glass jars rather than metal cans. The number of quarts in your cooker determines how many jars it can hold.

Electric pressure cookers with a capacity of 16 to 23 quarts are the most frequent. However, smaller cookers with a capacity of 10 to 12 pints are also available.

A cooker of 20 quarts will hold around 7 jars, while the smaller ones will accommodate a minimum of four. Some versions will allow you to stack jars one on another to increase capacity. Choose the appropriate size based on how often you need to use and how much you food you want to store.


Aluminum or stainless steel is the most common material used in electric pressure cookers for canning. Aluminum is typically light and cheap, yet it is very good at transferring heat. They may stain with time, but this is simply a matter of appearance.

Aluminum pressure cookers will not operate on a range of induction as they lack the magnetic characteristics required to heat up on these cooktops. If you’re looking for the best electric pressure canner, know that the best ones are made of stainless steel are often heavier and more costly. They are, nevertheless, extremely resilient and will keep their luster for a longer period of time. As stainless steel isn’t as good a conductor as aluminum, it’s occasionally used on the bottom.

Weight and Size

Canning with an electric pressure cooker requires moderately sized cookers. Pressure cookers are often rather big, measuring around 15 inches in height on average. When it comes to weight, there is a broad variation, with aluminum being lighter than steel. This list includes items weighing as little as 9 pounds and as much as 20 pounds.

Consider the cooktop’s weight your when comparing the weight of your cookers. A glass range will not handle as much weight as a gas range, therefore a lighter alternative should be considered in such case.

Handle and Lid

When fully loaded, electric pressure cookers may be rather hefty, so look for one that has handles on both sides. The handles have to be heat-resistant for ensuring safety.

To keep the lid tight, most electric pressure cookers for canning have a twist-locking mechanism. During operation, a gasket ring of rubber will aid to seal in the steam. Due to the wear produced by high temperatures, you might have to change the gasket over time, so make sure the company you pick provides replacements.

Essential Features

Canning with electric pressure cooker requires a few qualities in order to function effectively and securely. A vent pipe is one of the most crucial features, as it allows your pot to properly expel extra steam and heat.

An overpressure stopper pops up to warn you if the vent pipe becomes clogged, is also essential. Racks at the bottom of your electric pressure cooker should be of standard quality.

The rack is intended to isolate the heat source from your jars to enable better circulation and equal heating. Canning requires a high temperature of approximately 240 degrees, which is generally achieved at 15 psi of pressure.

If you’re at a higher elevation, a lower psi could be beneficial. Some electric pressure cookers for canning come with a steamer insert if you want even more versatility.

Pressure Release

You’ve probably heard horror stories about people cooking in pressure cookers or canning in pressure canners and facing blowing incidents. Do not, however, be afraid of a pressure cooker. You should admire it because it will exert a lot of pressure on you.

Even if it reaches to a dangerous state, the lid will blow off, ripping a hole in the ceiling and yelling green beans all over your kitchen. Most pressure canners now come with an automatic over-pressure release system.

This means that if the canner builds up too much pressure, this small flap will fly open to release the pressure mechanically. That’s a fantastic quality to have, and you should make sure that the pressure cooker you’re buying is coming with this feature.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I store canned food?

Food that has been properly preserved and stored in a dry, cold environment will keep its quality of taste for at least a year.
Depending on the temperature, canned food stored in a warm area near a furnace, under indirect sunlight, or hot pipes may lose its quality within months or even weeks. Moisture will also cause harm to metal bands and lids, which will result into spoilage and leaking of the content.

Should I have to sterilize the jars before I process the food?

If the jars will be processed in an electric canner pressure cooker, or even processed in boiling water for 10 minutes or more, you don’t need to sterilize it at all. However, it is worthwhile to take the extra time to sterilize them. When the question is about safety of the food, there is no such thing as being too cautious.

Can I use an electric oven for food processing?

No! It can be problematic since the temperature will fluctuate based on the oven regulators’ accuracy and the circulation of heat. Dry heat takes a long time to permeate food jars. In the oven, jars can easily burst.


A well-kept pressure canner can endure for years. Among the 3 canners we reviewed, the Instant Pot seems to be the best among them depending on its quality and controlling features. The other two are also worth of having a look.

You now know which pressure cooker you want to buy for canning after reading this guide. Choose the best electric pressure cooker for canning, and unleash your preserving skills!

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