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10 Best Mini Rice Cooker under $50 of 2021 –Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Truth be told, the best rice cooker under 50 make delicious rice. Without a doubt, rice is a simple meal, but it’s not easy to cook a small quantity. It’s vital to get an appropriate rice cooker to avoid that crunchy, overcooked, or mushy stuff rice.

Quite too often, the ratio of rice to water is not enough to prepare a fluffy meal of rice if you don’t have a reliable appliance. By following instructions of use, an excellent rice cooker will enable you to cook rice with ease.

Nonetheless, you don’t have to buy the most expensive device out there as there are affordable options that will complement your cooking skills. There is a catch, though; it can be extremely overwhelming, picking the best rice cooker due to the array of options.

As the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining, and there’s a rice cooker that will meet your needs. That is why we have carefully assembled some of the best rice cookers to make your selection hassle-free. Without further ado, let’s kick start mini rice cooker reviews. Keep reading.

Our Top 5 picks mini rice cooker

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1. Black + Decker Rice Cooker & Food Steamer

10 Best Mini Rice Cooker under $50 of 2021 –Reviews and Buyer’s Guide 1best mini rice cooker

If you’re looking for an efficient and fast rice cooker, you can consider the Black+ Decker model. This appliance lets you cook a bowl of fluffy rice in just 20-40 minutes. What makes it tick? Let’s find out shortly.


The best part of it is that Black + Decker is a popular brand worldwide, and its products are no doubt made of the best material, which is of high quality. Since they have no imitations, you have a guarantee of originality.


Black + Decker RC 514 features an automatic “keep warm” function, which keeps the rice hot long after cooking. You can also use it for steaming vegetables, delicious fish, and any other steamed food using the steaming basket.

That’s not all; there is a measuring cup, spoon: lid holder, indicator light, steam vent, and much more.

Ease of use

Other than being the best cheap rice cooker, it is easy to use if you follow the manual, which is clear and easy. Listen to this. It features different colored lights to show when the unit is cooking rice or keeping it warm. You can be able to control your cooking by just a switch it on.


We are not yet done. This model enables you to prepare 3 to 14 cups of cooked rice. Quite amazing! This is convenient for bigger families as well are smaller families.

Here is the kicker. You can plan the rice demand without any wastage or leftovers.


This appliance is dishwasher safe and easy to clean and maintain. The bowl is nonstick, and the glass lid is tempered.

  • Made to last
  • Affordable
  • Suitable for travelers.
  • Large capacity
  • Versatile
  • Easy to use
  • Dishwasher safe
  • No indication whether the product has a warranty
  • Few functions

2. Instant Pot Lux Rice Cooker

10 Best Mini Rice Cooker under $50 of 2021 –Reviews and Buyer’s Guide 2best mini rice cooker

Rather than engaging in the multiplicity of appliances in your kitchen, try Instant Pot Lux rice cooker, which functions as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, sauté, steamer and warmer. Let’s quickly look at the qualities of this incredible device.


The inner cooking pot is made of stainless steel, good grade 304, chemical-free coating with 3-ply bottom dishwasher safe. You’ll be awed by the capacity of this cooker. It can cook up to 12 cups cooked from 6 uncooked cups. Precisely, it’s advisable to use the cup packed with the appliance.


This appliance features ten smart programs that enable users to choose depending on the meal. It’s incredibly versatile, and you can cook your favorite dishes by a click of a button. Additionally, it has a recipe booklet manual and time table for ease of reference.

Other accessories include stainless steel steam rack without a handle, a rice paddle, a soup spoon, and a measuring cup.


Instant brands Inc is a popular household name when it comes to 3rd generation microprocessor technology multi-cookers. These are fast, modern, and electronically controlled. It is a fast-selling brand, and its appliances are of good quality and are affordable.

Other features

The instant pot is dishwasher safe. The pot is detachable and easy to clean. Cleaning of the outer side of the cooking pot is also easy and maintainable.

  • Quality
  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean
  • Safe
  • Versatile
  • Easy to use
  • The power cord is two-prong

3. Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker & Food Steamer

10 Best Mini Rice Cooker under $50 of 2021 –Reviews and Buyer’s Guide 3best mini rice cooker

Yet again, the Hamilton features in our list. Have you ever wondered why it’s one of the best brands out there? Let’s have a look at what this model has to offer.


Hamilton Beach 37543 can cook from 4 – 20 cup cooked rice or 2 – 10 cup uncooked rice capacity. If you have a large family, this rice cooker will better serve you. In addition it’s a versatile appliance that you can use to cook rice, steam vegetables or fish, sauté and more.


Hamilton Beach Brand is known worldwide for its kitchen appliances, which are user friendly and quite affordable. The quality of its products is no doubt popular due to durability and good material. Their products are easy to operate without any complications. Reading the manual is enough to equip you with knowledge of its operation.

Hamilton Beach model is a smart rice cooker, digital and in line with new technology. It features a rinser and a steam basket in one. The best part is that these parts are all BPA-free and safe.

Ease of use

Hamilton Beach, Digital Rice cooker, is easy to use as it’s programmed to switch to a warm setting after cooking. It requires no effort to prepare your favorite rice dish as you can do it without boiling water or setting a timer.

  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Large capacity
  • Versatile
  • The components are not nonstick and can cause food to stick.
  • Difficult to clean the pot

4. Rival 6-cup cooker with steamer Basket

10 Best Mini Rice Cooker under $50 of 2021 –Reviews and Buyer’s Guide 4best mini rice cooker

In our selection list, we have the Rival rice cooker, which is one of the easiest to use appliances. However, several factors make this model worthy of trying. First off, we consider the Rival brand as the best budget rice cooker. Here are other features.


The rival 6-cup rice cooker is easy to use. When cooking, a red light illuminates and switches to warm and yellow settings when rice is ready.

Accordingly, it features a domed glass lid, which allows you to ease view of how the cooking is going on. It also helps to keep in moisture once the rice is cooked.


First impressions matter. This rice cooker is made of metal material and features a nonstick surface. The most notable feature is the red color and a domed tempered glass lid.

It has two stay-cool side loop handles for easy carrying and ensuring your safety as you lift it up when it’s hot. It has a nonstick inner pot, and it comes with a steaming basket, a measuring cup, and a plastic paddle.

Extra feature

The rival electric rice cooker has a capacity of 6 cups of uncooked rice. It can be ideal for a medium family.

The appliance is easy to clean. The measuring cup and plastic paddle are hand washable. The inner pot is nonstick, and that makes it easy to clean and maintain.


The rival brand is popular with small affordable kitchen appliances and of good quality. Their products are durable and user friendly hence the popularity.

  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile
  • The cooker cannot cater for a large family

5. Aroma Housewares ARC-914SBD

10 Best Mini Rice Cooker under $50 of 2021 –Reviews and Buyer’s Guide 5best mini rice cooker

Our smart pick is the Aroma housewares mini rice cooker, which comes to you with multi-functional capabilities, this cooker cook both white and brown rice perfectly.

Further, its steaming is to help you prepare rice, soup and any other meals by saving you time and power. This cooker measures about 2 to 8 cups of rice, which is what most homes eat. Its design measurements are 8.25 by 8.5 by 9 inches. Sound good?

But wait – there’s more.

It also comes packed with a user-friendly panel that always switches to help keep your rice and other foods warm automatically.

Still not convinced.

Well, in that case, let me tell you, It includes a non-stick inner pot, a steamer tray, a rice measuring cup, and its own plastic rice spatula. The power use of this cooker is 120V/60Hz 450W.

  • Cooks enough capacity for an entire family- this cooker is designed to hold about 2 to 8 cups of cooked rice, which is enough for even a large family.
  • There is cooking versatility – because this cooker includes dozens of cooking options, you can prepare your rice with your cooking creativity and still enjoy a faster cooking experience.
  • Saves time and energy – the cooker is designed to cut about 50% of the cooking time, which also saves power.
  • Includes cooking accessories- the cooker is packed with its own cup, serving spatula and exclusive recipes to easy your cooking job.
  • It is easy to operate- it’s technologically designed with automatic switches everyone can manage.
  • Its units have a short life span
  • Its lid holder breaks easily.

6. Dash DRCM200GBPK04

10 Best Mini Rice Cooker under $50 of 2021 –Reviews and Buyer’s Guide 6best mini rice cooker

Coming 6th position in our list of the best rice cooker is the Dash DRCM200GBPK04 mini rice cooker.

With this cooker, you can make your rice and other meals such as pasta, steamed veggies, soup, stew, quinoa and others such as snacks for dinner, breakfast, or lunch.

This cooker is easy and quick to use because you’re only required to add water to the rice, and then press the cook button. This gives you a meal in only less than 20 minutes.

Think I’m exaggerating? Well, you’ll see when you’re using it.

The cooker is also made with warm-keeping features because it includes an indicator light which doesn’t allow overheating or overcooking. How can you beat that?

On top of everything else, this cooker is a 200-watt mini cooker, which is given to you with a one-year warranty. It includes a gauging cup, a removable pot, a free non stick coating, and a recipe book.

  • Easy to use and suitable for couples- if you’re couples, this is the best cooker for your rice because it is designed perfectly for one or two people.
  • Faster cooking and delivery- if you order this cooker, it doesn’t take more than 24 hours to reach you and the cooking time is not more than 25minutes.
  • Easy to clean- the free non stick coating it includes makes sure there is no hardness or rust coating while cleaning.
  • Uses less water and more rice- it includes a measuring cup for rice that measures more rice and is indicated to use less water.
  • Includes cooking directions- the recipe books show you all the steps to cook your tasty rice faster.
  • Not perfect for a large family.
  • The cooker sticks some rust when used for long.

7. Zojirushi NHS-06 3 mini cooker

10 Best Mini Rice Cooker under $50 of 2021 –Reviews and Buyer’s Guide 7best mini rice cooker

This is easy to use among the mini rice cooker because of its switching control system and a glass lid that you can see through while cooking.

Also, the cooker is armed with a stay-cool handle, which helps you to hold it even when cooking. Sounds impressive, right?

Additionally, it has a durable non stick inner cooking pan for your convenience.

As if that’s not enough, Zojirushi mini cooker features its own measuring plastic cup, which has a capacity of 6-ounces that is about ¾ of a standard cooking cup. With this measure, this cooker is able to make about 6 cups of cooked rice that could serve a family of about 3 to 8 people.

  • A lid that helps you see while cooking and a switch that’s easy to use- with this cooker, you can make rice while watching it cook through the glass lid.
  • Stainless steel steaming- with this cooker, you have an automated keep warm function, and there are no stains because it is designed to stay that prevent them.
  • Enough meal capacity- the cooker is made to prepare about 6 cups of cooked rice, which is perfect for a small or big family.
  • Includes serving tools- it is packed with a cup, spatula, and a spatula holder.
  • No spurting during cooking- especially if you’re preparing brown rice, there’s no cases of pouring out your meal that happens with other cookers.
  • The steam hole produces a lot of steam.
  • Without stirring the water, rice does stick at the bottom.

8. Dash DRCM200BK Mini Rice Cooker

10 Best Mini Rice Cooker under $50 of 2021 –Reviews and Buyer’s Guide 8best mini rice cooker

If you’re looking for a small capacity rice cooker among the best mini rice cooker under 50$, this one is going to be exciting for you.

But you know what else?

Its design makes it easy and quick to use; this high-quality cooker is made to cook in minutes. This is because once you add water to your rice, you’ll have less than 20 minutes to cook and even less to clean it.

Again, if you’re interested in a highly portable rice cooker and a small rice cooker, this is also the best choice. The voltage of this cooker is 200 watts and it also includes a free non-stick coating and an excellent recipe book.

  • Suitable for snacks- while this cooker is specifically made for rice, you can still make snacks with it perfectly.
  • Prevents burning- it features a cool touching handle that safeguards you from burning.
  • Features a protected cooking surface- the cooker has a paddle that is designed to make sure rice doesn’t pour out during cooking.
  • No rusting- it includes a non stick coating make up that prevents rusting.
  • Keep meals warm for longer- it is designed with the warm keeping mechanism that warm store meals for long.
  • Two cup capacity isn’t enough for a large family.
  • While cooking, rice should be completely dry to avoid sticking.

9. Aroma Housewares MRC-903BL

10 Best Mini Rice Cooker under $50 of 2021 –Reviews and Buyer’s Guide 9best mini rice cooker

Another top-rated best mini rice cooker is the Aroma housewares MRC-903BL, which is designed with a compact make-up, a sleek handle that folds and its design gives you a space that cooks about 3 cups of rice.

We’re not through yet.

What’s more, the cooker is made with a one-touch operational system with a simple press-down lever that makes cooking more comfortable and faster.

  • Good for a single meal or a meal of two- this cooker is designed to fit you and a friend but not more than two.
  • Quick one-touch design- the cooker is made with a simple touch system that makes work easy for anyone without wasting time.
  • It’s environmentally friendly- the cooker features a cleaning dishwasher safer to make sure there are cleanness and safety for you and the surroundings.
  • Good for brown rice cooking- the cooker prepares brow rice better than other types of rice.
  • Keeps rice warm and its handles are also warmer – if you like lukewarm handles while cooking, this is the best as it includes that feature.
  • Does spill rice if it stays on fire long.
  • Warranty is limited in some countries.

10. DCIGNA 1.2L Mini Rice Cooker

10 Best Mini Rice Cooker under $50 of 2021 –Reviews and Buyer’s Guide 10best mini rice cooker

Our 10th position on the small rice cooker under 50$ is this DCIGNA 1.2L cooker, this one is also a good choice and here’s why:
This is an electric cooker that does cook rice faster and other meals such as oatmeal, soup and pasta. It also designed to keep meal warm because it has an upgraded warming function and an indicator light that prevents overheating and overcooking.
It gets better.
DCIGNA 1.2L Mini Rice Cooker also has handles that make it is suitable to carry it anywhere. It has a warrant of 30 days, a rice paddle, a steaming pan, a rice measuring cup, and a removable pot with non-stick coating features.

  • Versatile mini cooker- This cooker Includes a high voltage of 200Watts and 110volts plus a cooking time of only about 30minutes making it highly versatile for any meal.
  • Multifunctional- with this cooker at hand, you can prepare rice, pasta, veggies, and steamed soup plus quinoa for your family and guests.
  • Upgraded quality – the cooker includes an upgraded warming feature that preserves your meal for health benefits.
  • Easy to carry- with the portable and compact handles, you can carry your cooker anywhere you want.
  • Exclusively packed with cooking items- it features a pot, a steaming pan, handles and a non stick coating PFOA.
  • No direction of use manual which is hard for starters
  • Inner pot’s coating might come off frequently.

Factors to consider when buying a rice cooker

When shopping for a rice cooker, there’s a need to consider key features to enable you to pick an item that’ll suit your demands. This buying guide will assist you in shopping for the best rice cooker that is within your budget.


An automatic rice cooker with many functions will make your life easy. A cooker programmed to switch off tow arm settings after the cooking cycle will save you worry, and you can do other work as the rice cooks without close supervision.

The components should be removable and nonstick to facilitate easy cleaning. The many functions will help you to cook other dishes apart from rice. This will save you from the multiplicity of kitchenware, which may take a lot of space in your kitchen.


This is a crucial factor that will assist you in buying a rice cooker that will effectively serve your family needs. The capacity is determined by the number of cups of rice you can cook with the appliance without wasting the food.

Ease of use

It’s very frustrating when you buy a kitchen appliance that is too complicated and not user friendly. Turning to the manual will not help you either. It’s advisable to buy a rice cooker that is easier to understand and operate.


A popular brand has a high customer rating. If, after going through reviews from customers, you realize produce has a low rating, it means it’s either new in the market or has some shortcomings and has disappointed most customers. It’s wise to choose a top rice cooker with a high rating, as this implies the brand is popular with customers.


A versatile appliance will save you in terms of budget and clutter, filling every space available in your kitchen. You’ll save a lot of space when you buy an appliance which can be used to make different types of dishes.

Ease of maintenance and cleaning

Choose a rice cooker that’s easy to clean and maintain. A detachable lid will enable you to reach the bottom of the cooker with ease. Find out if the rice is dishwasher safe or not in order to make an informed decision.


If you travel a lot, it’s more convenient for you to select a lighter and portable rice cooker.


The rice cooker should be affordable and in line with your finances. Pick a rice cooker that will not strain you in terms of the budget while ensuring it has all the basic features or extra ones without more costs. Additionally, a quality rice cooker will give you value for money.


How do rice cookers work?

Different cookers come with different functions and designs. To understand better how a rice cooker words, it is essential to go through the instruction manual.

Can you use the rice cooker without a removable pot?

The idea of using a pot is to hold the rice and water. For your rice to cook, the pot must heat. Hence it’s a vital accessory.

Can you get spare parts for a rice cooker?

Yes, you can get spare parts for a rice cooker depending on the model and design.
However, it’s advisable to replace the whole cooker with a new one if it’s the outer part that is damaged or cracked.

Bottom line & your takeaways

Well, at this point, I’m sure you’ve got a crystal understanding of the best mini rice cooker that suits your needs. Whether you’re a student, a couple, or a parent looking to have meals prepared as faster as possible at home, the best thing you can invest in is a mini rice cooker.

This guide is here to help you pick the best from the market. While you’re buying, make sure to look at the time it takes for your cooker to prepare a meal, the voltage, the made-up materials for longevity and portability.

With that said, use this guide to buy the best cooker and enjoy your meals at all times.

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